Tequila Matchmaker App Reviews

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Great, useful tool

I find this app to be an invaluable resource in finding new brands and in keeping track of what I've already tasted. They are very good at updating it on a regular schedule so that new brands are usually available before you've even heard about them. Give this app a try. You'll love it.

Don’t leave home without it!

Indispensable for choosing quality tequila. 5+ stars! This is the app that those in the know use!

Unknown error

Cannot create email user. Cryptic error message.


Get “Unknown Error”, so I reset my password, it works for a bit then I get the same error.

Fantastic app!

Very well organized information, easy to use, lots of useful features. I use this all the time for my job and for my own research. I mostly use it to find out about production methods and what brands are made where. It’s fun to find out where and how different brands used to be made as well. I can’t believe all of this information is so well organized in one place. I love the news section too!

Not functioning

I used to have the app and it worked perfectly, but I got a new phone recently so I had to download again but it doesn’t let me log in at all. It just crashes and that’s it. Hope you can help me your app is really helpful for my job and hobby tequila.

Great info

I have learned a ton from this app that will help me explore and enjoy new tequilas. Info appears objective and is efficiently presented.

Useless app

Useless app. The app doesn't have any kind of "sort menu" so you can't find specific tequilas by type (anejo, extra anejo). You also can't sort tequilas by rating which is the main purpose of having a database like this. Useless, uninstalled it within seconds of using the app.

Yet another app that wants personal information!

Ugh!!! Yet again, you have to set up an account or use your Facebook account to use this stupid app! Why do they need personal information??? Answer: to sell your name to high-end liquor sellers! Better off to buy a book or just use the web. My privacy is worth more than this invasive app!

Works as advertised

New user, I haven't really had a chance to shop with it yet. But it looks like a good reference source. It will give me a encouragement to try something "new" based the suggestion of other Tequila fans.

It keeps crashing on me

After opening the app for a few seconds, it crashes. Please fix! I was actually trying to demo the app to a fellow tequila friend and it kept crashing before I could do anything.

Awesome, in-depth review app and more!

This is one neat app. Lots of information about how each tequila is made as well as in-depth reviews about aromas and flavors.

Hello Tequila!

An amazing database of almost every tequila packed full of tasting reviews from a passionate community. After drinking and rating several tequilas, I'm impressed with how they create a personal taste profile with great recommendations on what to try next.

Great App, needs an update

Looks like it hasn't had UX live since iOS 6 was released. If you font mind UI glitching and some crashes it is a great tequila database!

Great app

Easily allows you to keep track of tequilas you want to try and view ratings of tequilas from other people.

Great App, the go2 for tequila knowledge!

This is a really great app, tied to enthusiastic developers...lovers of tequila! It's about them and their seemingly ever-growing database that really makes this so useful & fun. I found this app while searching for the best general-spirits-research app out there...and find this app is the only one I come back to whenever the spirit is tequila. And where tequila had not been the focus of my original gin-centric research & pursuit, it is now...and it's great!

Must have for any Tequila drinker !!

It has all the brands and useful info on all. Tequila drinkers are also looking to try new ones. This app give you a heads up on all brands and let you support the tequilas you love. Also, I can now vent on the many popular but terrible brands (like Patron and Herradura). If you like tequila and want to expand your horizons, this is your app.

New favorite App!!

If you love tequila you will love this. Ever seen a bottle that you weren't sure if you should buy it or not? This app will definitely help.

como el tequila?

como el tequila? te encantará esta aplicación......se inicia el culo

Like Tequila? You Will Love This App!

As my interest in mixology grew, I realized how much I loved tequila! I decided to dive into the world of this intriguing and tasty spirit, and this app has been my guide. It's a perfect tool to help you navigate the hundreds of brands and kinds available. Has a host of features, my favorites being: keep a tab on the tequilas you've tried/want to try via ratings system and wish list, it recommends tequilas that fit your taste and helps you find them, and it connects you to a community of tequila lovers. It's intuitive, well-designed, fun, and free! Give it a try!

Very cool app!

This is a very useful app, when I look for a new bottle for my collection, I can find all the info I need to know before buying. Very useful for any Tequila buyer!

So much fun!

There's a ton of very detailed info about tequila brands and products in here. But there is also a really great community of tequila fanatics backing it up. Thank you!

Thank you!

This app is such a joy. Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

Good job

You guys really thought of everything a tequila fan would ever need.

Terrible App

Freezes my phone. Takes WAY to long to load info. I liked the prior version this one is a waste of time!! Time to delete and move on.

Cool app. Works well!!!

Interesting app. Far more tequillas than I was aware and I have drank a lot of them. I like the NOM feature and seeing recommendations based off my likes. I seems to work. I entered data on some tequillas that I am currently enjoying and I recommended tequilla I forgot I had liked. Nice job on the app. I will have to see if these same golfs do a scotch app

mas tequila!

i don't even drink, but this is a great app!

Stay thirsty!

I don't always drink tequila, but when I do, I consult this app first. :-) But seriously, this is a great app. Finally tequila lovers have a useful app!


This app is a great resource and easy to use. I love the "Tequila Trends." Gave me a good idea for my next tequila purchase Plus, I found a great recipe in "Tequila News." Great app!


If you love tequila, you'll love this app!


Super comprehensive, full-featured, well-written, and bug-free. A great resource.


So easy to use. Rate tequilas - find tastings, etc. If you love tequila, you need this App!

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